3Cycle takes an environmentally responsible approach to battery recycling that helps your organization reduce possible liability and costs.

We will work with you to:

-Evaluate and meticulously understand your recycling necessities based on the types and quantities of batteries at your location.

-Establish a collection and recycling program to recycle your disposed batteries and uphold compliance with environmental laws.

-Educate your staff on safe packaging and disposal by providing guidelines that ensure the protection of the material shipment and delivery.

3Cycle offers:

- Conveniently scheduled pick up of your waste material
- Environmentally-compliant processing
- Generated certificates that allow you to prove compliance with laws and regulations.

Depending on the country or region we are able to buy or receive most batteries. Those being:

• Alkaline
• Lead Acid
• Lithium
• Lithium-Ion Laptop (Non-Polymer)
• Lithium-Ion Modem
• Lithium-Ion Cell Phone
• Lithium-Ion Small Configurations
• Lithium-Ion Power packs (Non-Polymer)
• Mercury
• Nickel-Cadmium
• Nickel-Metal Hydride
• Silver
• Zinc Carbon
• Small configuration and many others

Our specialty: E-Scraps