3Cycle provides electronics recycling services to a wide range of clients including local, national and international businesses and other electronics recyclers needing to dispose of their obsolete electronic equipment.

We offer collection and logistics support, guaranteed data destruction and online reporting.

3Cycle guarantees that all information stored on any devices will be wiped or destroyed with the most current technology, exceeding even the DOD standard. Hard drives and storage devices are completely erased or destroyed to prevent unauthorized access to proprietary and protected information. We are able to provide up-to-date reporting and audit trails throughout the process.

Our facilities operate to best industry and government standards.

Some of the electronics we recycle are:
• Telecommunications Equipment,
• Cellular Phones, Modems,
• Routers, Set To Boxes, Computers,
• Laptops, Hard-drives, Mother Boards,
• CPU, RAM, Switches, RCA Cables, v • HDMI Cables, Power Adapters,
• Power Supplies and
• any equipment containing a circuit board or precious metals.

Our specialty: E-Scraps